At Elitsac Inc., it's a family affair!  

We treat our customers that way because they want our best. 

Pam Bliss: President

Pam Bliss: President

Pam has spent over twenty years in the area and has given her life to the company. She holds a B.A. from Hartwick College. Coming out of college she planned on being a teacher but the lumber business was thrust upon her and she fully embraced it. Pam has made it her mission to make Elitsac Inc. the best it can be so that we can fulfill all of our customers needs. 

Bill Bliss: Vice President

Bill Bliss: Vice President

Bill has lived in the area his entire life and his family has been in the lumber business since 1870. Bill's time and experience in the industry has allowed him to become, what most would consider, an expert in everything building materials. From the design stage to the ribbon cutting ceremony, Bill has done it all. He holds a B.A. from Hartwick College.